Pacific Rock Oysters from father & son team Cyril & Ben - uncle and cousin to Rich from The Bristol Oyster Co. 

Cyril has been harvesting oysters for over 50 years, and his oysters are well-known for their high quality meat and sweet flavour.


Free shucking knife with your first order.


The oysters are live/unopened and will need to be shucked by the customer.




Please select the free delivery option if you live within 5 miles of the BS1 postcode.


Please select the £5 delivery option if you are within 20 miles of the BS1 postcode.


Apologies, but we are not currently delivering outside of a 20 mile radius of Bristol.

NEW YEAR'S EVE Live Norfolk Oysters - Delivery on 31/12/2021

  • Live Pacific Oysters: The Bristol Oyster Co's signature Norfolk oysters

  • Storage

    • Always keep the oysters stored with the curved (convex) side downwards. This helps to retain the fluid in the shell and keep them alive.
    • Store the oysters in a deep bowl (to prevent leaks) and away from other open foods. Do not store below raw meat or fish.
    • Keep them cool (ideally between 4 and 8 degrees Celsius). Do not re-immerse oysters in water. They will have been properly purified at the depuration centre and any further immersion risks re-contaminating them.


    • Wash (and dry) your hands thoroughly using warm soapy water, before handling and opening the oysters.
    • Ensure the oysters are tightly shut. If they are already open they are not alive and shouldn't be eaten.
    • Ensure that the knives and other equipment (including gloves if you wear them) used for opening the oysters are all clean before you start.
    • Check that the outside shells of the oysters are clean and avoid pushing any mud or bits of shell into the oyster as you open it.